These models were a great project to work on. Taken from old Games Workshop 1980's Chariot and Undead Horde box sets, which I had aquired over the years, I had the idea to try and make some skeleton centaur's.

I started with the well known archer type Centaur that you see in most mythology films and read about in books, they are aptly named 'The Black Bow's'. The rearing up one is definetly my favourite and took some manipulation of the horse to get it to look right. I made 9 more to complete a unit of 10, and when building my army list (Warhammer 3rd Edition rules) I pay for them as skeleton mounted troops. Speed is something that gives this unit a great advantage, unfortunetly their balistic skill lets them down.

The bases on the archers need to be re-done as they still have the original basing I did before I mastered my technique, and also used my special mix of flock. Three I have started but not finished.

The spear Centaur's were my second attempt and are a lot more bolder due to the colours of the their shields and light armour. I wanted some spear mounted troops as they can be pretty devestating! The bases for these are how 'The Black Bow's' archer Centaurs will look...eventually.

The finished result of these models was something I was really proud of, they add a bit of variety to the battlefield and a break from the usual mundane troops. The only downside with them is they are very delicate, sadly one has broken and needs fixing still.

Converted, constructed and painted by Matt @ Bored? Game!


These little conversions were really good fun to make and were constructed from various pieces of weaponry, undead skeletons/horses, some of which came from a 1980's Warhammer kit.

I save all my little bits & bobs no matter what as they always come in handy for little bizarre projects like this. I did not set out with any particular plan in mind when putting these together, it was a case of just seeing what I had and placing things in various places to see what they looked like and if they would fit and look right.

I did not want to go too overboard with the conversion and had to stop myself from getting carried away adding more to them, once I was happy with how they looked I set about painting them. The spear/beast/skeleton thing I did in my usual army colours due to his sash, and the horseman just had the usual bleached bone paint job.

These certainly add a little spice to the tabletop and make for some interesting games.

Converted, constructed and painted by Matt @ Bored? Game!


This chariot I bought from eBay as I love the older vintage Games Workshop models and I try to incorporate a lot of these into my armys. I really find the older models more appealing with that retro feel, not to mention nice chunky heavy casts that you can rely on not breaking and being very sturdy.

I worked on this in various stages, starting with the horses, then the chariot and finishing with the riders. It certainly is one of the centre pieces of my Undead Army and can wreak havoc on the battlefield when used right.

My army has a blue and red motif in their uniform and this you will find a lot in my work (I do like the colours quite a bit)

The basing of the horses were Graveyard Earth paint mixed with PVA glue, this was coated on then dunked in my special mixture of flock, after that had dried super glue was dabbed in various places so I could add grass tufts and pieces of sand, must admit it does give off quite a nice effect.

Painted by Matt @ Bored? Game!