This fig was another random one that I found lying around the house and finally decided to get him painted up to sell. 

Not sure on the make of the mini as the packaging was long gone but he was great to work on. I gave him the classic pirate look but stayed away from any detail stripes on the leggings or sash as my hands are not that steady to do lines that detailed.

The dirty finish of the clothes and the way the pistol textures came out were something I was pleased with. This was a piece of work that I was very proud of, so I he had a little photoshoot in a makeshift diorama to show him off.

Painted by Matt @ Bored? Game!


These warrior woman were an absolute delight to paint and I was really pleased with how they looked when finished, probably one of the best sets of models I have had the pleasure to paint to date.

I am not too sure which company manufactured these as I was given them loose and have had them lying around for a few years before making any progress with them.

I did a little photoshoot in front of a ruined temple, you also may recognise the tomb on the top of the steps as a prop playing piece from the vintage game Hero Quest.

Painted by Matt @ Bored? Game!