This Wargame/RPG was an oldie played sometime in the early 2000's between three of us.

Myself and a friend (Nick Jones) took control of the U.S. Forces and the third player (Matt @ Elhiem Miniatures) was the Games Master, as this was a wargame with a twist, an RPG element was introduced to make the game a little different and a lot more challenging due to the guerrilla warfare tactics used by the VC.

The base seen in the pictures was a storage facility for U.S. weapons and vehicles and our squads were assigned to protect it. Taking day and night shifts, our troops had to have R&R while the others were on duty, this made a lot of tension due to not knowing when an attack might be imminent and having to muster off duty troops into combat. Also it meant off duty soldiers had the chance of being assassinated by VC disguised as civillians as they went about their daily routines of relaxing in the village bar and whore house, or simply excersing within the compound.

The tabletop was set out with some basic terrain ideas, such as strips of coloured card cut up to resemble trenches as this was easier to use as Soldiers could dig these throughout the game if needed to make better defences. The perimeter was a rock style wall which was made by using polystyrene shapes painted grey and glued onto card that had been flocked.

As you can see by the photo's we certainly got into the spirit of this game by getting dressed up in some genuine Vietnam gear. You will also have to excuse the quality of the photo's, my camera back then was not great!

All models painted by Matt @ Elhiem Miniatures.