This little model was made from yet another Hot Wheels car that was bought from a Poundland store. 

Conversions include, two grenade launchers mounted on the hood along with a rams skull to add a little fear factor for any victims that find themselves being pursued. Gauze on the windscreen for added protection from road debris and some extra armour plating across the rad. The finishing touch was using one of Elhiem Miniatures Taliban mini's that was cut down and secured in a shooting position out the window, this really is my favourite bit of the conversion and it gives it such an action looking feel.

Paint colour was Citadel 's Zamesi Desert, the gangs trademark colour, and also to blend in with the terrain as to ambush or evade. Some darker browns were dry brushed on to give it a bit of a dusty looking feel. The rear windows were painted in a metallic colour to give the impression of armour plating.

Model converted and painted by Matt @ Bored? Game!



A selection of original Games Workshop Dark Future motorcycles, which have been lovingly painted up for use in playing this epic vintage game.

Models painted by Matt @ Bored? Game!


I picked this little beaut up from a £1 store, the great thing is all it needed was a new paint job as it was already pimped up to the max with weapons and armour out of the box!

I was very pleased with the end result with this model, it was very bland out of the box (unfortunetly I never took a before photo) and the colour used with the added decals certainly gives it a more death dealing kinda look and feel.

This truck was made as an Interceptor, I wanted a change from the usual sporty looking Operatives vehicles with something a bit more rugged and imposing, I think this pulls it off nicely. I am currently working on a couple more monster truck die cast cars, watch this space for when they finally get finished.

Model painted by Matt @ Bored? Game!




This little project was a conversion and repaint of a Corgi toy car which was bought from a £1 store. 

A driver  was added from one of the old Games Workshop driver blister packs and the passenger/shooter is a sidecar passenger from one of the bike kits.

A gold skull was set as a bonnet ornament and the car was then given a re-spray, using a light grey and adding some red decals and markings to give it some decoration and make it stand out.

I was rather pleased with the finished model and its alreay seen some battle action on the road.

Model converted and painted by Matt @ Bored? Game! 



This little scenery piece was made out of various bits and bobs.

The car shell is from a very cheap plastic car that came with the car transporter which I converted (see below).

I used PVA glue in large quantities to bond the sand onto the plasticard base, and also to give the terrain some kind of shape.

The debris strewn around the crash site are old springs, plastic sprues, mesh/gauze and a tyre from the one of the Dark Future car kits.

The sign itself was printed out on card and mounted on wooden sticks, I think this scene adds a little bit of extra character to the table top and game itself.

All work carried out by Matt @ Bored? Game!




I picked up the model from a 99p Store, as soon as I saw it I just knew it needed to be purchased so I could giveit a Dystopian Mad Max make over.

It was a car transporter but I filled in the trailers top and sides using plasticard. I wanted the sides to look like corrugated sheeting and so used a hobbycraft card crimping machine that is used for making greetings cards, it gave the effect off quite nicely.

The armour plating I had lying around, I think it was from a Warhammer 40K vehicle by the looks, I aquired the bits in a box load I bought off eBay and had been trying to find a use for them for years, and now I finally have.

Some Warhammer Fantasy parts were used for the flag and pole, and also for the defensive spikes around the rear gunner, who is in fact an original Dark Future miniature. He is based on a 1p coin to raise him up a little.

The front windscreen is meshed up with gauze to look like chicken wire and the graffiti emblazed over the truck are model railway decals.

Lastly conversion wise, I used some wire which I wrapped around a paint brush to give it a spiral effect and made to look like barbed wire running along the top edge of the trailer, ideal for keeping any would be attacker from climbing up the sides.

The main paint scheme for the truck is red, nothing flashy as I wanted to keep it simple, the metal looking parts, I used a chrome colour on the main cab fuel tanks and step, with the armour plating a much darker metallic. The whole thing was then dry brushed over with some light and dark browns to give it a dusty look and the metal parts also had some bronze and tin colours dry brushed in to give it a rusty appearance in places.

All in all, I was quite chuffed with the outcome, even though it was not how I had planned the finished look, but it was the first time I had painted anything this big and I just wanted to get it done so I could use it.

All work done by Matt @ Bored? Game!



Meet Mizz Heartz, Sanctioned Op, standing next to her trusty Interceptor.

I wanted to give this vehicle a racey kinda look so kept the paint scheme plain white but added some chequered flag decals across the bodywork and some red spikey lines on the rear to give it that fast movement kinda feel. Some hearts were added on the sides and rear to show Mizz Heartz logo and I daintily got some number plate markings on there too.

After a wash of dark tone it finishes off the vehicle to give it a more used and dirty appearence.

Painted and constructed by Matt @ Bored? Game!

Mizz Heartz fig by Elhiem Miniatures, painted by Matt @ Bored? Game!