This gang of formiddable woman, aptly named 'Pink Atrocitas', were my answer to the scurge of the Underhive, vying for control of territory and making sure the Esher family name was something to be feared.

A few conversions were done on these miniatures, I wanted more of an up close and personal approach, so gave most of them extra hand to hand weapons in the form of power fist (which was taken from a Space Crusdae model), power axes, knives/daggers, swords and even a hand flamer.

The last picture shows the male Bounty Hunter figure being ambushed by a few of the girls, he is not about to have a very good day it seems!

These figs are quite old now and some have got slightly damaged over the years, be it paint chipping and a few of the converted weapons that were glued on have broken off. They were painted with old Citadel paints and I love the shiney PVC effect that has been given to them. The bases have never been finished, I think that I may have to get these done very soon as it will make them stand out a little more and less bland.

Models converted by Matt @ Bored? Game! and painted by Matt @ Elhiem Miniatures.


Here we have some work in progress on an Esher Support Gunner with a converted base which gives the scene a bit more of a wasteland feel, it is the Underhive afterall.

The gang member has not been painted to much so far but the rusted up barrel she is hiding behind has been completed. Tamiya clear green was used to emulate some toxic goo leaking from the bullet holes and some extra layers and highlights will be added later.

More photo's will be added at a later date to show progression.

Converted and painted by Harry Beet.