Now, over the last few months I have been having this game pop into my head all of a sudden, it was called The Electronic Detective Game and was made by Ideal.

My sister was bought the game I think for Christmas one year, but I remember playing it a lot myself as I was fascinated by it. I always remember using my imagination, picturing the scene of the crime, the suspects and locations whilst I hunted down the murderer. I was not very old, but this game really does stick out in my mind SO much. It's been great to track it down on Google and see pictures of the machine again.


Electronic Detective Box

The original box for the game.


I'm trying to remember how the game worked? There were 20 characters in the game and these all had their own character cards. Obviously, one is randomly murdered so you are left with 19 suspects. Taking it in turns (or in my case I played alone as kid) you placed a suspect card in the tray above the L.E.D. display and pressed that characters numbered key. You then had to ask questions by pressing various buttons and answers were given on the display and somehow corresponded with things on the characters card. it's all very vague after all these years and I really cannot remember the exact way it worked, just that I loved playing, I remember on starting the game, electronic shots ring out, then the Funeral March tune plays.


Electronic Detective Contents

The Electronic Detective game console with rule book and stat suspect sheets.


Here's a bit of the games description from promotional material and the cover on the box...

The ultimate "Who-Done-It" game, where 1-4 players combine human deductive reasoning with advanced computer logic to solve over 130,000 totally different murder mysteries.

Bang! Bang! Shots ring out in the big city. A body lies alone at the docks. The funeral dirge sounds. 19 colorful characters at the scene of the crime flee to other parts of town. As one of the “private eyes” assigned to the case, you must interrogate these suspects. Players compete, using logic and deduction, to be first to identify the murderer.

A game where the computer knows all the facts (it plays the role of all 20 "characters"). The computer randomly selects 1 of 20 characters to be murdered and sets up the crime. Then, it's your job as a detective to interrogate the remaining 19 suspects to figure out which one of them did it.

Each player takes a 'Case Fact Sheet' where they record all of the information they gather about the crime:

The murderer's sex.
The murderer's location.
The murder weapon's caliber.
The murder's fingerprint information.
On each turn a player chooses a suspect, and any public information the suspect provides is shared with all the players. Next, the player may (depending on the difficulty setting) ask one to three questions of the suspect, and this private information the suspect provides is kept secret.

The first player to successfully identify the guilty suspect wins the game.


The original T.V. advert for the game from 1979.