Kickstarter Feature: Cartooner, the fast and furious game of drawing comics

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We would like to take the oppotunity to introduce a Kickstarter that is currently underway called Cartooner, it is described as... 'a fun and fast-paced game that lets everyone experience the thrill of creating comics and coming up with stories -- with no drawing skill necessary!'.

The game was the brainchild of Jason B. Thompson and Jumana Al Hashal, both budding artists and fans of all things gaming, so, why not mix the two? 

Cartooner can be played solo or with up to 8 players. While this is a game about drawing, it's not just a game where the best artist wins. The game mechanics reward points based on balanced rules as you and your friends compete to earn the most Fame over four timed rounds. Your strategy and ability to adapt fast to changing Trends will matter much more than your artistic ability.

Jason says "In my heart, I don't consider Mangaka or Cartooner a "party game." I feel the rules are more in-depth than a typical party game (in a good way), it's more intense (because of the timer), and of course you end up performing the permanent-ish creative act of making a comic, instead of just goofin' around for 30 minutes leaving no evidence afterwards. OTOH if calling it a "party game" makes you want to support the Kickstarter, please, by all means, call it anything."

We at Bored? Game! love this idea of combining storytelling and art, and the fact that you really do not need to be good at drawing to play is either, just great imaginations and fun with friends and family.

Over Black Friday, they donated 25% of all Cartooner pledges made to the Cartoon Art Museum in san Fransisco. Such a wonderful gift to help support a great art/educational space.

Watch the video below to learn more about the game, and click here, or the picture at the top of the page to take you to the Kickstarter pledge page.


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