UK Games Expo Winners 2016

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Every year at UK Games Expo, awards are given out to honour the best games - chosen by a panel of judges and the public vote. Did any of your favourites win? The winners this year were as follows:

• Best Boardgame - Isle of Skye, Mayfair Games
• Best Board Games with Miniatures - Star Wars Rebellion, Fantasy Flight Games
• Best Role Play Games - Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, Chaosium
• Best Family Games - Civilisation, Granna
• Best Miniatures Games - Frostgrave, Osprey Games
• Best Strategic Card and Dice Games - Odin's Ravens, Osprey Games
• Best General Card Game - Games of Trains, Brain Games
• Best General Games - Time Stories, Space Cowboys
• Best Children's Game - Icecool, Brain
• Best Party Game - Codenames, Czech Games Edition
• Best Abstract Games - Onitama, Arcane Wonders
• Best Expansion - Colt Express: Horses and Stagecoach, Ludonate
• Best Accesories - Dice Tray, All Rolled Up

The Board Game Redesign Winner was FLEE CIRCUS! by Hugh Simpson

The Children’s Ticket Design winner was Astrid Gibara aged 10.

UKGE also inducted Daniel Steel of Esdevium Games into the UKGE Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame looks to showcase some of the best and brightest, to honour those who have had a major influence on our hobby and have led the way in our industry. We believe that Dan has quietly and without fuss had a massive impact on the growth of the hobby games industry in the
UK over the last 30 years via his company Esdevium Games. He established and grew
Esdevium Games from a small one-man business to one of the largest games distributors
in the world. During this time Esdevium has developed organised play, provided demo teams around the UK, and popped up in shops and cons and even book stores and garden centres. Its role as an industry leader in supplying hobby games to the retail sector has provided the support and the games to fuel the growth we see today.

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