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  1. Retailer Summit 1

    The Bored? Game! team attended the Esdevium Retailer Summit today prior to the UK Games Expo starting this weekend, and we managed to get our hands on some of the exciting games that are expected to be released in the coming months, not to mention hear some great presentations from leading games developers/suppliers such as: Fantasy Flight, Wizards of the Coast, Mayfair Games, Queen Games, Wotan Games, Steve Jackson Games, Konami, Esdevium Games and many more!

    Fantasy Flight will be releasing a Star Wars roleplaying game starter set, everything to get you going out of the box, so if you are new to the roleplay genre and wish to give it a go, and also love Star Wars, then this is for you.

    Force and Destiny, the third Star Wars roleplay book which revolves around the Jedi will also be making an appearence in the next few months, this book will be compatible with the previous two Star Wars roleplaying books which are currently available (all from Fantasy Flight Games)

    Asmodee and Esdevium Games have in the pipeline a really interesting game in the making called Mysterium. The current plot we were told goes like this... You have been murdered and you are now a restless spirit trying to give clues to the detectives investigating your case to find your murderer. These include, location where you were murdered, weapon and by who (sound familer?). This game certainly pricked up our ears and one we will be looking into when more information comes out.

    Steve Jackson Games gave us the following news... A new edition of the card game Resistance will be hitting the shelves and also a reprinted version of Car Wars (oh yes!). Coming out this year will be Munchkin Steampunk + Big Box Content.

    Some of the awesome things we got to play with or investigate in the flesh...

    Forbidden Stars, the Fantasy Flight game based on the Games Workshop 40,000K Universe was available for a hands on, and it does not dissapoint, perfectly sculpted playing pieces that have all the looks and feel of the various races that populate the Warhammer 40,000K Universe. The playing boards are the usual tough material you would expect and the artwork is stunning.

    retailer summit 2

    Push-a-Monster, another family/childrens game from Queen Games, wonderfully built with their trademark artwork that makes all of their games stand out so pretty and cute. This game sees you having to use skill and a steady hand to Push-a-Monster onto a plinth without knocking another monster off, if you do your opponents gain points.

    Retailer Summit 3

    Extra, Extra from Mayfair Games, get the scoop for your newspaper and score points. This game looks very competitive and will have folks trying to get one over on the other to win.

    Retailer Summit 4

    Steampunk Rally from Steve Jackson Games, unfortunetly we only got to look at the box and a few components but from what Randy, the rep for the company, told us of the game, it sounds like it's gonna be one crazy ride. This is one at Bored? Game! we are looking forward to getting, along with Steampunk Munchkin and Car Wars the card game.

    Retailer Summit 5

    Krosmaster from Japanime, this is a cute combat boardgame based on the cartoon of the same name. With around 150 miniatures available, this is a game based on collecting as well as playing.

    Retailer Summit 6

    These were just a few of the great games we got to see and play with today, but we will keep you posted with all the gossip as it comes over the coming months. Please feel free to join our Facebook page and join in on the chat on all things gaming.

  2. asmodee image

    This is a news report that was taken from Dice Tower News, it seems Asmodee have bought up two more companies...

    On the heels of a 2014 which saw them buying Days of Wonder and Fantasy Flight Games they have purchased Ystari and Pearl Games. This is revealed as basically an aside at the end of a press release on their internal publishing house brand Marabunta.  They seem to be slowly but surely consolidating a lot of companies within the industry into them.

    Those that have paid attention to the way Asmodee seems to operate will note that they basically seem to be happy buying brands and letting them operate as normal and basically just consolidating distribution and marketing activities.  This will likely be looked at by some people as a negative thing.  But in reality some of the companies in this industry will grow larger over time and others will disappear as time goes on.

    Like many of Asmodee’s other acquisitions this seems to be an example where they were tired of being simply a distributor for both of these companies in foreign markets and decided it would be worthwhile to just bring them within the organization formally.  Asmodee as a company tends to be good at utilizing synergies like that without necessarily losing the heart of the acquired company., lets see what this brings the games industry, hopefully some good times ahead?