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Bored? Game! is a website dedicated to anyone who lives, breathes and loves to lose themselves in anything remotely to do with games, be it board, card, CCG, LCC, dice, RPG, or tabletop wargames...genres including horror, sci-fi, fantasy, T.V & film or historical era's. Strategy, quiz or family styles of play all available, take your pick. Not only does Bored? Game! keep you up to date with the current games out there, but we also cater for the vintage and period historic gamer, nothing escapes us here. 

Our aim is to share our passion of this wonderful hobby and to get you involved on our Facebook page and website, where you can join in and talk about your favourite games, write reviews, share hints and tips, such as strategy guides or painting and building miniatures, to reliving old battles fought and how you won or lost!

Bored? Game! was originally set up as a Facebook page, a place where people can all discuss/review their favourite games and meet like minded people. I know most of us have those days when we would love to play a game but need others to join in, but had no one to play with, hence that's where the group would hopefully come in handy, to organise some gaming nights together! I knew there were others out there that share the same passion for games, as it's such a great feeling to immerse yourself into the role of another character, universe or creature and forget about the stresses of the day, have some laughs and use your wits to succeed in your objective.

Many a friendship has been formed since setting up Bored? Game! and we hope to make many more along the way!



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